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Robber caught for $1.9 million dollars of iPads stolen from JFK airport

Renel Rene Richardson was arrested for the connection to the 1.9 million dollars worth of iPad minis that were stolen from a cargo building at New York’s JFK airport. The Federal Business Investigators swiped Renel Rene Richardson up after he supposedly made some dubious inquiries to his fellow coworkers about the shipment of iPads and where he might be able to access a forklift.

Robbers may have taken airport transportation services to be inconspicuous

Richardson worked at the Cargo Air Services building and according to a criminal grievance filed in Brooklyn, he had two collaborators. He allegedly acted as a lookout while the two other unidentified robbers filled up the two pallets of iPad minis onto a truck. The iPads were stolen from the same building that the infamous Lufthansa heist was done. That particular heist was the largest cash robbery to ever happen in the U.S. The robbers stole $5 million in cash and $875,000 worth of jewelry. Luxury transportation services were also in the same vicinity amongst the robbery but were not stolen or harmed during it. However, investigators are also wondering if the two other robbers used airport limo services or airport van services to the airport to be inconspicuous.

 Value set higher of JFK heist 

Richardson reportedly escorted the Port Authority officers in a hunt for the truck that was used for the heist. As to for now, however, it’s still unknown whether any of the stolen iPads have been recovered. Reports initially said that the 3,600 iPad minis were stolen from JFK and were valued at $1.5 million, but now the total value is said to be around $1.9 million. Throughout the investigation, local and federal officials were driven by airport transportation services to and from the area.

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