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Summer 2013 Is Almost Here, Do You Need A Limo?

Summer 2013 In Connecticut, New York & New Jersey

With summer right around the corner, many plans start popping up in preparation for enjoying the short days of summer (if you’re living in the Northern part of the US) – This statement has nothing to do with you southerners who enjoy the summer weather 10 months out of the year! 🙂

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May & June mark the beginning of great times.  Semi-spring weather, warm nights and shopping for bathing suits are all signs that the good times are about to roll in.  To many that live in Connecticut, that means one of a few things.. Wine tours, New York city visits and Sunday shopping sprees in Manhattan, Queens or many of the shopping areas around there.  The same applies to Jersey.  From the shore to various places around NJ, everyone enjoys the same feeling and atmosphere the summer brings many happy and memorable moments that we wait an entire winter just to explore.

For many people out there, New York city can be a complete summer hangout for the reasons above and due to the extravagant nightlife and what NYC has to offer.  From Broadway shows to food, site seeing to walks on the piers, and to others, it’s clubbing and lounging.  As a limo company, we proudly say that we see all of the above at their finest.  From the hottest shopping districts to the most popular clubs and lounges, to the most lavish restaurants – limousines tend to be at the center of such activities.   In preparation for summer 2013, we’ve prepared a list of activities that can be enjoyed in New York city this summer.  This is just a brief list with some of the most popular destinations that our clients tend to visit or when they have some out of town visitors these are the points of interest that are most demanded by them:

Needless to say, there are hundreds of other locations that we haven’t listed but our agents are definitely open to suggesting additional locations depending on your taste.   If having fun is what you’re looking to do, then the following list might be just what you need in NYC:

Again, those are just some of our favorite places in NYC.  Many have different places that they would recommend.  We’ve chosen the most popular destinations visited by locals and tourists alike due to their significance to the city and country alike. To enjoy the city is the most comfortable way, give our agents a call and book your summer 2013 New York City Limo!

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